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Arriving at university

Welcome to HHU

In order to accompany your studies at HHU from entry to graduation, we offer a variety of online services, the use of which will already make the start of your studies much easier.

First steps

IMPORTANT: Activate Uni ID and HHU Card.

The Uni ID is required to access all online services of HHU and to read e-mails. Please keep the letter with the initial password carefully so that you can access it later.


  • Helpdesk
  • +49 211 81-10111

  • Building: 25.41
  • Floor/Room: 00.53

Using online services with the student portal

You can find the login page of the student portal at:

As a user name, enter your university ID as well as the corresponding password.

This will give you direct access to important information and useful services concerning your studies in general, your individual course of studies and other platforms such as: 


Communication & Collaboration

In the ZIM building, there are public workstations on the first floor that can be used by students. At the PC workstations you log in with your university ID; at the desk workstations you will find sockets for your laptops. 

To get in touch with other students and lecturers, the Rocketchat of HHU is suitable, which is already used in many courses.

Every student can also use the campus cloud Sciebo free of charge.

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