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Service description

All members of the university receive - automatically or upon request - an e-mail address at uni-duesseldorf.de or hhu.de:

  • in an automated procedure (currently all students and all employees and lecturers of the university (excluding UKD))
  • If not already assigned otherwise, an e-mail address of the form f or  with associated mailbox will be set up.

Of course, the university e-mail can be accessed with all common e-mail programs (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) and from any location with Internet access via webmail.hhu.de. Further information and instructions for common e-mail programs can be found in the Wiki Mail.

The service is available to all employees and the institutes and facilities of HHU for official purposes.

User manual

The user manual contains all necessary information to configure a mail program to access the university mailbox and to send e-mails with the university address - using the protocols IMAP or SMTP with or without SSL.
The following instructions are valid for all HHU students and for all users who have received a university ID (with password and e-mail address) from ZIM.


The most important briefly

SSL, Port 993


Authentication with university ID required

SSL, Port 465


Authentication with university ID required

The configuration of a mail programme is possible with knowledge of one's own mail address, user ID (university ID) and password. The name of the server for incoming and outgoing mail is mail.hhu.de (or mail.uni-duesseldorf.de), IMAP must be selected for retrieval.
Recommended webmail programmes are linked on our pages at http://webmail.uni-duesseldorf.de/

Mailing lists at ZIM

For institutes, working groups, student and other groups within the university, ZIM sets up mailing lists as needed. Instead of managing a mailing list on one or more PCs - decentrally - the list of members and, if necessary, the list of authorised senders can be maintained once centrally and used by several. Instead of being sent to several recipients, e-mails are only sent to one list address, and the resolution takes place on one of our servers.

Mailing lists are managed with the widely used Mailman software. They have rich web pages for administrators and subscribers with features such as:

  •     automatic subscription to lists to be confirmed by an administrator;
  •     private or public archive of posts to the list;
  •     Restrictions of possible subscribers and authorised senders via various filters and much more.

Documentation can be found at the GNU Project: GNU Mailman - List Administration Manual

If you are interested in a mailing list, please contact the helpdesk. State the mail address of the person who is to be responsible for list administration and the desired name for the mailing list.

No additional fees are charged to users for the service.

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