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Service description

The Rocket.Chat communication programme is organised in channels, where user groups in formal (e.g. a specific department) and informal (e.g. interest groups on a specific topic) compositions can discuss current issues in real time.

It is possible to include links and documents such as videos in chat posts. In this way, a rapid exchange of knowledge among all participants is possible, especially on issues related to daily work. An advantage compared to telephone or e-mail, for example, is that every piece of information is immediately transmitted to all chat participants.

Moreover, channels can be created as private or public spaces. Direct messages can also be exchanged between individuals, and end-to-end encryption can be activated (OTR: off-the-record). Joining individual channels is possible via an invitation by a channel administrator.

Rocket.Chat is available to all employees of the institutes and facilities of HHU for official purposes and to HHU students.

Interessenten können sich auf der rechts genannten Seite selbst registrieren. Die Registrierung erfolgt über die Unikennung. 

No fees or charges will be made for the service.

A detailed overview of the functions as well as instructions on how to use Rocket.Chat can be found in the HHU Wiki.

Instructions for Rocket.Chat in the HHU Wiki

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