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Eine Gruppe Studierender sitzt an den Arbeitsplätzen im Foyer des ZIM.


The First Level Support of the ZIM

The first level support is the first contact to the users. The helpdesk accepts enquiries or fault reports by e-mail, telephone, chat or on site. We document the support messages via a ticket system and, if necessary, the helpdesk also escalates requests internally at the ZIM to find a good solution. Important topics that the helpdesk can help with are:

+49 211 81-10111

Building: 25.41
Floor/Room: 00.53

Support hours

Mon - Fri from 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. (except public holidays)

On-site visits by appointment

The following applies to all enquiries:

  • Describe your problem as precisely as possible
  • Emphasise emergencies or special urgencies
  • Your contact details are indispensable

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Communication of error messages

There are the following ways to communicate a fault to the ZIM Helpdesk:

Please also note the current messages on the ZIM start pages. Major disruptions are always published there, via the ZIM newsletter and on the status.hhu.de page.

Visit with appointment

The Helpdesk can be visited on site by appointment. Please always address your enquiries to the Helpdesk by e-mail or telephone first. If problems cannot be resolved in this way, the Helpdesk staff will arrange an on-site appointment with you at the Helpdesk office.

Equipment lending for employees as well as poster printing orders are possible again after making an appointment with the Helpdesk.

The public computer workstations and the workstations in the foyer of the ZIM can also be used again!

The Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIM) has set up a wiki describing information on setting up teleworking options (VPN, WebDAV) and for video conferences, among other things.

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