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High-Performance Computing

Scientific computing at ZIM

The Centre for Information and Media Technology operates a high-performance computing cluster called HILBERT, which can be used by all research facilities and institutes of the Heinrich Heine University for scientific work.

The only prerequisite for use is an activated university username and an application via our online form, which you can access after logging in with your university username.

The system is renewed at regular intervals, usually every two to three years, to meet the current demands of researchers.

Details about the current system and documentation on how to use it can be found in the corresponding wiki.

User support

User support ranges from the basics of Linux use in the cluster to method development in research.

Support address

  • High-Performance
  • HPC Kontakt


Dr. Stephan Raub
Building: 25.41
Floor/Room: 00.51
+49 211 81-13911

Dr. Oliver Weingart
Building: 25.41
Floor/Room: 00.51
+49 211 81-11439

Rainer Vietz
Building: 25.41
Floor/Room: 00.51
+49 211 81-14676

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