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LAN access

Service description

The University's network offers its students and staff various options for using digital services such as reading e-mails or accessing the Internet from any location.

The university's addresses always have the form: 134.99.XX.XX.

The network accesses of the Heinrich Heine University are differentiated into

  • personal network access and
  • public network access

Personal network access
Personal network accesses are located, for example, in offices and course rooms and are assigned to employees or course instructors as the responsible person.

Public network accesses
Public network access points are located, for example, in the library or in rooms of the ZIM. The workplaces are partly equipped with computers, only with a network connection socket or only with a radio network.

The service is available to all employees and the institutes and facilities of HHU for official purposes.

The workstation requires an IP address which is assigned by the network manager of the respective area. Please also ask there for the addresses of the gateway and the name servers (usually and

For security reasons, identification with an ID and password is required at the public network access points. In the library, the library ID can be used for this purpose on the computers; in the library's wireless network and at the library's public network access sockets, the university username from the ZIM can be used.

Configuring Internet access via the HHU LAN

Below you will find information for the configuration of your Internet access via the LAN (Local Area Network) of the HHU, which is to be used for standard access.

Nameserver IP and
Mailserver mail.hhu.de (incoming and outgoing mails)

You can obtain your own IP address from the network administrator of your area. Ask your colleagues who does this.

The netmask is usually

The gateway is usually 134.99.subnetnumber.1, unless your network administrator tells you otherwise.

Once you know your own IP address (134.99.??.? ), our advice line on tel. 10111 can help you set up network access.

In some institutions and with public fixed network access, you will receive your IP address from a DHCP server.

Any questions regarding the network can be emailed to the address in the box on the right.

No additional fees are charged to users for the service.

For security reasons, a connection to the public network is not automatically established. First of all, authentication with the university username via software is necessary. 

How do I get network access?

Students and staff of the Heinrich-Heine University can contact the person responsible for the network in their area, turn to the ticket system of ZIM (see right column) or visit our help desk on the ground floor of ZIM.

For access via WLAN, all relevant information can be found on the corresponding information pages of ZIM.

Landline access is granted in the respective areas with different regulations.

Residents of a hall of residence receive an enclosure with the rental documents that lists the relevant information. If necessary, the caretaker can also help.

Who can help me with network problems?

Network problems can be forwarded by e-mail to the ZIM ticket system (see right column). If the network is not available for this purpose, all relevant information is available on the ZIM helpdesk pages.

I am a user of the library, can I also use the library WLAN? 

Only university members can use the university WLAN. A usage authorisation for the library only is not sufficient. University employees or students can find help on the ZIM information pages.

I would like to use the library's databases from home. What do I have to do?

All information on this topic can be found at VPN.hhu.de.

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