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Service description

Not all websites in the university environment can be operated in the standard content management system TYPO3 in the official corporate design of HHU. Examples of this include web presences of overlapping cooperations as well as websites with special functionalities that cannot be provided by the central TYPO3. The ZIM offers a web hosting server for websites of this kind.

On the web hosting server of ZIM, authorised user groups of HHU are provided with web space and the hosting of websites. The web space can be used by applicants, for example, to install applications such as content management systems for the operation of their own websites. 

ZIM provides the server and the management software. The users are responsible for the content and technical aspects of the application they operate

The service is available to all employees, students and the institutes and facilities of HHU for official purposes.

Institutes, facilities, staff and students of HHU can apply for a web space at ZIM to operate a website or web application. The specification of contact persons is a prerequisite for applying for a web space. The relevant contact persons must have a valid HHU university ID. 

The use of the provided web space is only permitted for purposes directly related to tasks in research, teaching, studies, administration, education and training, public relations and external presentation at HHU - or the respective operational purpose of the institution related to the application. Private content is not permitted.

If you are already operating a web space on the web hosting server or are planning to apply for a web space, please be sure to read the Guidelines and Rules page. 

For first-time applicants - or before applying for a web space - please read the Purpose, Requirements and Alternative Services page.

The page Application, Provision and Deregistration describes the workflow of applying for and providing or deregistering a web space.

No additional fees are charged to users for the service.

Responsible for the content: