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Service description

The HHU uses a Voice over IP (VoIP) system from unify for telephony. This means that the telephones are operated via the data network and use the open standard protocol SIP. The telephone data network is logically completely separated from the data network. Only the same hardware components are used.

To keep up to date, you can subscribe to an RSS feed under "Telephony News". All innovations and extensions are announced here. These can be new descriptions, but also changes to the equipment that are of general interest. Copy the offered link "News RSS-Feed" into your news feed reader and you will automatically receive all news immediately.

The telephones and functions have the following designations:

  • OpenStage 15: normal telephone without executive-secretary function.
  • OpenStage 60: telephone with executive-secretary function and I/O cockpit
  • University telephone book: retrieval of internal names and call numbers
  • Unified Communications (UC): common user environment for different types of communication.
  • I/O Cockpit: additional secretarial functions for Unified Communications
  • Xpressions: central answering machine and fax server with web interface
  • Alerting server: automatic announcements in case of certain incidents
  • Identity management: connection between IdM and telephone

You will find instructions for these devices and functionalities under guides.

Under training documents of Fa. unify you will find training videos from unify.

Under FAQs you will find frequently asked questions in connection with VoIP telephony and the answers to them.

If you have any further questions, please contact us - we will do our best to clarify them.

The service is available to all employees of the institutes and facilities of HHU for official purposes.

Controlling the phone
Login with:
university username@AD.HHU.DE

Answering machine and fax
Login with:
AD\university username

No additional fees or charges will be made for the service.

Training materials from Unify: https://wiki.unify.com/wiki/OpenStage_Schulung

  • You can find the HHU instructions here.
  • News on telephony can be found here.
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