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Content-Management-System TYPO3

Service description

The ZIM provides the content management system TYPO3 for the editorial processing of the internet presence of HHU and its institutions. In addition to the technical support of the central TYPO3 instance, extensive support materials and documentation are provided. Furthermore, TYPO3 training courses are offered in cooperation with the Press and Communication Office.

The TYPO3 system is available to all employees as well as the institutes and facilities of HHU for editorial purposes.

All members of HHU can obtain access to the TYPO3 backend. To do so, please contact your departmental administrator. If you do not know your departmental administrator, please send an e-mail to the contact on the right.

Access to the TYPO3 backend is only possible from the HHU network (or via VPN) and via the following address: https://redaktion.hhu.de/typo3/


No additional fees are charged to users for the service.


ZIM provides the content management system (CMS) TYPO3, including the official corporate design (CD), as the technical basis for the HHU website. This system is available to all university institutions.

In 2019, the structure of the websites had to be revised. For example, the pages of the faculty's subjects are no longer part of the central faculty pages. This change was necessary in order to be compatible with the current TYPO3 versions.

Therefore, there is now an innovation when setting links. The central pages (https://www.hhu.de/) can be found in the folder "Zentralredaktion" as they are now.

All other pages have been placed in the new "HHU" area under "Websites", analogous to the previous structure.

For performance reasons, the pages generated by TYPO3 are cached on the web server, i.e. they are temporarily stored there. The caches are automatically updated at night.

The cache on the web server can also be updated for a page by forcing the page to be reloaded with the key combination "Ctrl + F5" or "Shift + Reload Button", depending on the browser, i.e. in exactly the same way as the local browser cache is updated. With newer versions of Internet Explorer, this is best done by clicking on the compatibility mode button.

Attention Mac users:
The key combination here is Command+ Shift + R (Firefox). Updating the cache with the Safari browser does not work!

Updating content in plugins (e.g. news calendar, addresses)

If you update data that is not on the page on which it is displayed - this is the case, for example, with news, calendar entries or addresses - updating with Ctrl+F5 is unfortunately not sufficient. In this case, the page cache of the page on which the content is displayed must also be updated. To do this, after you have selected the page in the page tree, press the black lightning bolt symbol at the top right, and then update as usual.

Even if you do not update the caches manually, all changes will be active the next day at the latest!

When content elements are copied and pasted via the clipboard in the page view of the TYPO3 editorial interface, the newly pasted copies are initially automatically marked as "hidden".

As a result, these elements also only appear in the editorial page view if the "Show hidden elements" checkbox is set under the "Advanced functions" tab in the page view.

Responsible for the content: