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Service description

ZIM makes a wiki platform available to all interested facilities and institutes at Heinrich Heine University. The basis is the wiki software "Confluence" from the Australian company Atlassian and is mainly used for communication and exchange in organisations. With the help of "Confluence" it is possible to work on documents together - directly online in the web browser. This enables a quick exchange of knowledge among all participants and less time is spent chasing after information.

The Confluence Wiki is available to all employees and the institutes and facilities of HHU for official purposes. Upon request, a wiki area can also be set up for students for special purposes.

You must have a university ID to use the wiki.

If you do not have a university ID, or if you want to work with external guests within Confluence, you can have a guest ID created for the guest interface in your dean's office/the office responsible for you. It is important to specify the item "External with email", otherwise the login will not work.

Your own wiki area will be made available to you upon request. Please use the online form for this purpose: 

The terms of use for the Confluence Wiki can be found here: 

No additional fees are charged to users for the service.

External guides


What is Confluence?

Confluence is a wiki system for collaborative editing of information and documents.

What can Confluence do?

This question is best answered with a quick look at the Confluence product page.

Who is entitled to apply for a space?

In principle, it is open to every HHU institution to apply for its own area. In justified individual cases, e.g. theses, areas can also be set up for students.

How can I apply for an area?

To apply for a section, please use the online application form, see link on the right.

Confirming the current use of a wiki area & user groups

In principle, there is no limit to the duration of use. However, a survey on the use of the wiki takes place at irregular intervals. You will receive an email with questions about the use of your area.

  • Is the wiki area still needed or can it be archived?
  • What is the current contact person of the wiki area?
  • Is the user list up to date? Can users be deleted?

You should answer the questions within four weeks. If you do not answer, it will be assumed that you are no longer using your area, so it will then be temporarily blocked. After six months, their area will be permanently deleted.

The user list can be queried in your own wiki area. To do this, go to "Configure area" -> "Permissions". Here you will first see whether an authorised group has been entered (all identifiers in this group have been entered by ZIM). This group contains all users who are authorised for this area.

Furthermore, individual users can be added to the area independently. If further rights are to be assigned to individual users (such as administration rights for the area), this is also possible in the second section, under "Individual users".

If you now know the name of your authorised user group, you can add a new element on any page of your area: Via the "+" in the upper bar -> Select "Other macros". Then scroll to the element "User list", confirm and enter the name of the group you have previously found out. Now you will get a list of users within the group that has access to your wiki area.

Currently, no more groups are created for wiki use. However, you can just as easily authorise individual users within their area.


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