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Ticket system Znuny LTS

Service description

With the help of the ticket system Znuny LTS (formerly OTRS :Open Technology Real Services), enquiries are processed independently of persons, e.g.:

  • Fault reports
  • Requests for user support
  • Registrations for courses of study or events
  • Requests for procurement
  • etc.

Ticket queues can be created to classify enquiries and incident reports according to topic. Requests are assigned to one of the available queues by students or staff writing an e-mail to the assigned e-mail address. The mail is forwarded as a ticket within the system to the corresponding department and can be seen and processed by all authorised agents. 

Znuny LTS is a web application, i.e. you operate the ticket system in your browser without additional software.

The use of a ticket system provides more efficient handling of messages and requests from users, in particular through:

  • Better documentation of enquiries, answers and solutions
  • Integrated substitution rules
  • Avoidance of duplication of work, which has occurred up to now when customers contact several people and they search independently for a solution
  • Mechanisms against forgetting customer requests

The ticket system Znuny LTS is available to all HHU faculties and institutions for official purposes.

If you would like to use the ticket system, please write an e-mail to the contact address mentioned above, stating the new, desired e-mail address, which ends in "@hhu.de".

In addition, the following information is required for all agents (= persons who are to process tickets):

  • First name, last name
  • E-mail address
  • Unique university username

If e-mail requests to the ticket system have been submitted by the customer with the HHU address, they can view the processing status via the "user interface" of the ticket system after logging in with the university ID here:

Agents log in to the agent frontend to process tickets:

For the purpose of technical documentation, tickets including all details are stored for two years. An objection to this can be raised when a ticket is created.

No additional fees are charged to users for the service.

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