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Workplaces in the ZIM

Service description

There are numerous workstations at the ZIM that can be used by students as well as members of all faculties and institutions at te HHU.

The service is available to all employees and the institutes and facilities of the HHU for official purposes.

The freely accessible workstations (opening hours: Mon-Sat 07:00 - 20:30 / exceptions will be announced under News) are located in room 00.52.

To log in, you need your university username and password, which is also used for e-mail and other services.

Furthermore, library users whose borrowing card begins with "E" can also log in here. 

Windows 10 with the following application programs is available on the devices:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Office
  • Libre Office
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Calibre
  • Citavi
  • Endnote
  • Multitree

More detailed information on these devices can be found in the following table:

Equipment pool rooms


No additional fees are charged to users for the service.

I cannot log on to the workstations in room 00.52. Who should I contact?

First contact the Helpdesk personally. They will check what the causes might be. If necessary, your problem will be forwarded to the responsible staff member.

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