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ZIM Portrait

The Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIM) is a central operating unit of the Heinrich Heine University. It is a service and competence centre for all aspects of digital information supply and processing, digital communication and the use of digital media.

As the operator of the information technology infrastructure, service applications and IT-supported processes, ZIM supports the work of the three essential core areas of the university: research, teaching and administration. With its expertise, ZIM is the contact and advisor for all members of the University in IT matters.

Infrastructures and access

As the University's central IT service provider, ZIM is responsible for the operation, maintenance and regular renewal of the central IT infrastructure and connected infrastructural services for all areas of the University. The most important systems include the University's data and communication networks, server and storage infrastructures, central data management and basic services such as e-mail, video conferencing, data exchange services and web services.

With its services, ZIM ensures broad and secure access to versatile IT services for all members of the University as well as guests and visiting scientists. The core component is a comprehensive cable and radio-based network that is secured by an efficient identity and authorisation management system. Various web services also enable secure access to central systems of ZIM and other providers in the university.
Through participation in national and European IT services such as the German Research Network (DFN) and international education roaming (eduroam), mobility in teaching and research is further improved and the range of services for the university is additionally expanded.

As the first point of contact, the helpdesk is available to university members for enquiries, faults and advice.


In addition to providing IT infrastructures, ZIM supports research through the operation of high-performance computing and storage facilities, as well as through the associated advisory and training services.
The ZIM, in cooperation with the ULB, advises and supports researchers in handling research data.


The ZIM supports the teaching activities of the university by operating e-learning platforms, a digital media library, tools for tests and examinations and by running several computer pools.
The Multimedia Centre in particular is responsible for the production and distribution of audiovisual media. For example, lecture transmissions and recordings as well as the production of teaching and image films are possible.
The ZIM is also the central point of contact for the acquisition and provision of software products for teaching and studying and has a wide range of products on offer. For example, literature management, calculation or office applications can be obtained.


ZIM is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the information systems used in the university administration. The systems and software applications provided and operated by ZIM are used in all areas of the university administration. These include applications for efficient personnel, financial and material resource management, for travel expense management, for time recording, for the administration of research funds as well as applications for the extensive areas of student and alumni management and course management.
Based on the underlying administrative processes, the software applications used also ensure simple and efficient self-administration by students and teachers.

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