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Cisco Webex

Service description

CISCO Webex is the tool of choice for HHU members for video conferences with up to 1000 participants. Operation is simple and largely intuitive.

The service is available to all employees and the institutes and facilities of HHU for official purposes.

CISCO Webex Meetings

  • Please note that there are three different tools for use, all of which can handle up to 1000 participants. However, this is only the technical limit, the following numbers of participants make sense:
    • Webex-Meetings - for events where the participants are mostly equal (seminars, small to medium sized lectures, depending on the discipline of the participants).
    • Webex-Training - e.g. for seminars with extended functions, such as group work, questions, integration of multimedia files
    • Webex events - e.g. for lectures with support from several cameras etc. (up to 1000 participants)

No additional fees are charged to users for the service.

CISCO Webex Meetings

The subpages with step-by-step explanations and FAQ can be found here: Cisco Webex
Further information on Cisco Webex and its use in courses can be found here: Using Webex in courses
If you have problems registering for or using Webex, please contact the ZIM Helpdesk, which you can reach on this subject via .


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