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Software portal

Service description

Within the framework of campus, state and federal licensing agreements, institutions of Heinrich Heine University, and in some cases also employees and students, can acquire licenses of application programs free of charge or at favourable F&L (research and teaching) prices.

HHU has commissioned asknet to process and settle the majority of these contracts.

Members of the HHU (incl. pre-clinic)


(The University Hospital directs orders directly to the Clinic's PC Service, except: SAS, Sigmaplot and Sigmastat, which are sent to Mr Koch (tel. 16841) in Materials Management, D03.2.1).

After registering once, the person thus legitimised can order online from asknet for his or her institution. As far as contracts allow, employees and students can also order on their own account after personal registration.

By using the software portal or purchasing the software, the end user accepts the General License Terms and the license terms of the respective software.

You can only access and use the software portal if you are on the Uninetz or logged in via VPN.

To the software portal


Unless otherwise stated, the use of the software products is free of charge.

Registration instructions

You must first register online (once) in order to be able to purchase from the Heinrich Heine University software portal.

You will find the registration link on the software portal homepage in the top centre.

For further information, please refer to the respective software product in the ZIM Wiki.

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