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Service description

Many of the university's institutes have their own computing clusters, which are often set up specifically for their research needs and departments. Until now, they had to provide their own accommodation. This not only meant a loss of space in their own building, but also made their own cooling and power supply necessary. The power consumption for cooling individual computers was disproportionately high, yet the cooling was insufficient. In addition, there was the operating risk, because burglary protection and fire protection could only be provided inadequately.

To remedy this situation, the ZIM set up its own housing area. University institutions can house their high-performance computers properly, with state-of-the-art technology, securely and with efficient cooling in the ZIM. Early fire detection and burglary protection are also guaranteed.

The service is available to all HHU institutes and facilities for official purposes.

The devices can be operated and maintained from their own workstations. If - for example during installation or for repairs - users do need to access the computers directly, they can reach the housing area via a separate access and are independent of the ZIM staff. The installation of servers or clusters in the housing area of the ZIM must be applied for using a form. The completed and signed application form must be handed in at the ZIM Helpdesk.


No additional fees are charged to users for the service.


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