Jennifer L. Fouttyn, Kuali Foundation - Keynote Speech

Kuali: A Proven Case of Open Source for Effective Campus Management

Many institutions of higher education have used open source tools as part of their overall technology stack.  However, in the past decade there has been little work to deliver open source products in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space.  Kuali has changed that. The Kuali Foundation started in the United States in 2006 to deliver an enterprise level Financial System, and has since expanded to delivery of 8 different products which encompass all campus management, including Financial, Human Resources/Payroll, Library Management, and Student Administration. By delivering open source, we leverage best practices of many institutions and we save millions of dollars over regular for-profit solutions. Kuali products are built by higher education, for higher education. Kuali has expanded to include members in the UK and South Africa and seeks to become more international.

Because Kuali is now 10 years old, we are evolving to take advantage of some new models and technologies, including delivery in the cloud as "software as a service". 

This keynote by the Executive Director of the Kuali Foundation, Jennifer Foutty, will describe the first 10 years of Kuali and success in open source products in the ERP space, and will describe our evolution for a new decade, pursuing new options for cloud delivery.


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