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Teaching & Study

Support for teaching offers at the ZIM

The ZIM supports the teaching activities of the university by operating e-learning platforms, a digital media library, tools for tests and examinations and by running several computer pools.

The Multimedia Centre in particular is responsible for the production and distribution of audiovisual media. For example, lecture transmissions and recordings as well as the production of teaching and image films are possible.

The ZIM is also the central point of contact for the acquisition and provision of software products for teaching and studying and has a wide range of products on offer. For example, literature management, calculation or office applications can be obtained. 

New additional offers since the Corona time

Starting in September, there will be a regular eLearning consultation hour for teachers on Wednesdays from 1.30 to 2.30 p.m. in the Rocket.Chat at HHU. You can also post questions beforehand; these will be answered independently of the consultation hour. You can log in to the Rocket.Chat with your HHU ID. The advantage is that everyone can benefit from the questions and answers discussed here. The rotation will be expanded again for the winter semester. Technical notes and video tutorials on the available tools are regularly updated in the HHU Wiki.

The ZIM has set up a self-service interface with which HHU lecturers and students can apply for and manage their own Webex licence to conduct web conferences.

Webex offers the option of saving events held via it in a cloud. If these recordings do not appear in your own account even after a long wait, please contact the ZIM helpdesk.

Link to the COVID-19 support pages


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